Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I list an item on Ben’s Attic?

    A Buyer/Seller should sign onto Ben’s Attic, click on “Suggest a Listing”, enter the required information and also include a digital picture(s) of the item. This will generate a notice to the Ben’s Attic Administrator who, providing that the item is within program policies, will approve it for sale or auction depending on which option was selected.

  2. How do I physically take possession of an item I have purchased?

    Once you have purchased an item or have been selected as the highest bidder in an auction, you should be contacted by the seller within a day or two and work together with them to make arrangements to take possession of the item. For large items it is suggested that the Buyer contract FRES to make arrangements for them to make the move. Unless other arrangements are made, the Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with the move.

  3. Are there any guarantees as to the quality of the item being sold?

    In accordance with program policies, the seller is responsible for providing an accurate description of the item and for ensuring that it is in proper working order.

  4. If I see an item that may be useful for my area but I need additional information, how can I contact the seller?

    You should bring up the item detail screen and click on the “Ask seller a question” option. From here you can enter your question, which when submitted will generate an email message to the seller.

  5. What if I just want to give an item away to another school or center that could make use of it, rather than throw it away?

    A Buyer/Seller should suggest a listing for the item on the site as a permanent listing with a sale price of $0.00.

  6. Can I purchase an item on Ben’s Attic for my own personal use?

    In accordance with program policies, surplus property is only available for University departments.

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