About BEN's Attic

Internal Online Surplus Property Site for redistribution of goods

Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania's Online Surplus Site known as BEN’s Attic.

BEN's Attic is an online application hosted on the University of Pennsylvania Purchasing Services website which provides a service for online auctions or sales for other departments which have surplus equipment. It is our mission to provide an online application for the Faculty and Staff at the University of Pennsylvania to repurpose and sell quality surplus goods. All faculty and staff members with a PennKey may view, suggest, or purchase items and will be required to enter their Business Administrator's name which may be validated by the System Administrator. Before proceeding, please read all the policies governing the use of this service. If you have questions, contact us by phone at (215) 898-7218, or through e-mail at BensAttic@upenn.edu.

Individual Schools and Centers are responsible for the proper management and control of assets identified to their individual organizations ( https://www.finance.upenn.edu/accounting-operations/11063-plant-assets-retirements and https://www.finance.upenn.edu/accounting-operations/11065-plant-assets-property-management ). Questions related to the financial policies should be directed to Accounting Operations (dofproperty@pobox.upenn.edu).

In instances where the transportation of items from the seller to the buyer requires professional assistance, when the move of items is between two University owned buildings contact Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES). For move of items between two non-University buildings or between one University owned and one private building, contact Penn Building Services (PBS).

If you are a University faculty or staff member, please go to the Login link to access the BEN's Attic system to view listings. No registration necessary! Please log-in using your PENN key.

Visit the Penn Sustainability website for information on the many additional sustainability programs currently active at Penn.

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