BEN's Attic

Welcome to BEN's Attic – University of Pennsylvania’s Surplus Property Exchange Site

Purchasing Services welcomes you to BEN's Attic, the online exchange for surplus Penn property with an easy and sustainable way to find a new use for items that are no longer needed (equipment, furniture and supplies) by your department. The creation of this site is in response to the customer requests and in support of the University's Climate Action Plan.


Elizabeth Browning is searching for a laminar flow hood for $1.

Jane Horwitz is searching for 2 free (non-desk) chairs or small sofas for our offices in DRL, such that I - plus my colleague - can have a comfortable place to sit while reading grant proposal drafts and other materials. Must be in good condition.

Eric Snyder is searching for a free coat tree (standing coat rack)

Jill Gaieski is searching for a free mini fridge.



If you can't find what you're looking for in Ben's Attic, click the I'm searching for URL: and complete the form. Your request will be posted here, and you never know, someone may have just what you need.

Quick Tips

  • This site is for departmental use only. No personal purchases are allowed.
  • Usage of Ben’s Attic to list items for sale and /or purchase items is open to all Penn faculty and staff with a PennKey. Note: you will be prompted to enter the name of your Business Administrator when posting items for sale or making purchases.
  • First time users will automatically be registered as a “Browser” within the system. If you have previously been registered as a “Group Administrator” you will automatically become a “Buyer/Seller” in the new release of Ben’s Attic. If you are currently a “Browser” you must register as a “Buyer/Seller” in order to suggest a listing or make a purchase.
  • Please follow all policies defining the use of this application.
  • Potential buyers should call and make an appointment with the seller before going to view an item
  • Buyers and sellers are encouraged to work together to facilitate transportation of purchased items.
  • Sellers who have an immediate need to have an item(s) removed from their area by a certain date should put that information into the item description. Ben’s Attic will do whatever it can to communicate that information to the buyer population.

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